David A. Ryan


Phone: 251-928-6351
Fax: 251-210-0606

Office: Fairhope

Areas of Practice:
Business and Finance
Land Use and Environmental
Real Estate

Admitted In:
Alabama State Bar, 1990

J.D., University of Alabama School of Law, 1990; Auburn University, 1987

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David A. Ryan

Biographical Information

David A. Ryanís practice encompasses a broad array of transactions, ranging from developments involving real estate to securities offerings to mergers and acquisitions. His practice generally can be grouped in to the following categories:

Real Estate Ė Purchases, developments and divestitures of all types, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, resort, special-purpose and others comprise Davidís real estate practice. Transactions often include assemblage of land parcels, complex entitlements issues, historic districts, tax credits, negotiation of complex joint development ventures and agreements, procurement and negotiation of debt and equity through institutional providers and private placements, procurement of all capital stack components, negotiation of hierarchal risks and returns to various transaction participants, providing non-consolidation opinions and other opinions necessary to facilitate financing or otherwise consummate transactions.

Condominiums Ė As an integral component of Davidís real estate development experience, he has been involved in a multitude of condominium developments, including mixed-use, residential, commercial, vertical, horizontal and land condominiums. Such projects have included procurement of air rights, subterranean rights, lighting rights and other issues associated with high-rise/high-density developments. These transactions have involved private parties, public entities and governmental institutions, and in some instances have involved private, public and governmental participation in a single development.

Ground Leases Ė Ground lease structures are a recurring theme in Davidís practice, and he has negotiated such arrangements in connection with a variety of real estate transactions, some of which involve condominiums, others which involve private and public institutions, and many of which have involved both public and private universities. As a component of his ground lease experience, David has structured sub-ground leases as a derivative component of master ground lease structures and has negotiated ground lease conversions to fee ownership interests. The specific issues pertaining to title insurance represented by ground lease transactions are an area in which David has been heavily involved.

Public-Private Partnerships Ė As the public sector has become increasingly interested in sharing the financial burdens and risks associated with large scale developments, Davidís practice has increasingly involved public-private partnerships. These arrangements have involved municipalities, counties and state organizations across the United States, and have included infrastructure projects, mixed-use developments, toll bridges, student housing, and hotels and related developments in resort areas.

Securities Ė Exempt from registration securities offerings have played a significant role in Davidís practice, whether such offerings have been for a particular project or whether a fund is being created for various investment purposes, and whether related to real estate or otherwise. Davidís securities practice has involved significant filings and appearance before local, state and federal agencies.

Mergers and Acquisitions Ė The purchase and sale of business interests and controlling interest purchases and sales in ongoing business ventures have been a component of Davidís practice from its inception, and involves asset purchases, ongoing business purchases and sales, membership interest purchases and sales, negotiation of structured buyouts with post-closing participation in ongoing success of the venture, as well as wind-downs, spinoffs and other types of divestitures, including addressing the various tax implications associated therewith.

Professional Services Representation Ė Throughout Davidís practice he has been active in the representation of physicians and physician groups with their various transactional needs, including professional services agreements, management services agreements, mergers, acquisitions, partial, complete and phased buyouts of professional service groups and other related transactions. He has been involved in multiple Certificates of Need procurements.

General Ė Throughout Davidís practice he has closed and has been integrally involved in billions of dollars of transactions, and in doing so has represented developers, borrowers, lenders, equity providers, municipalities and state agencies.

David is a member of the American, Birmingham and Mobile Bar Associations, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of various charitable and civic organizations. In his free time, David enjoys fitness, cooking and a variety of outdoor activities.


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